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【Taiwan Journals Search】



As the publisher of highly honored Sinica Sinoweb (中研院漢學網), UDP newly issues SSW’s twin database “Taiwan Journals Search”(臺灣人社百刊). TJS collects the whole subjects of humanities and social sciences. Differing from other alternatives from Taiwan, TJS excludes common/ popular periodicals unconcerned with academia.  It is purely scholar-oriented and able to hit the researchers’ demand precisely. 

  •  The sole full-text searchable database of its kind from Taiwan.
  • Collect more than 200 Taiwan journals on humanities & social sciences. 
  •  More than 100 journals were selected in the most credible journal-appraisal list of Taiwan, TSSCI (Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index), THCI Core (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index), and THCI (Humanities Citation Index).
  •  Nearly all the journals of humanities in the database are complete, from the first issue to present (1967--present).
  • Purely scholar-oriented and hit the researchers’ demand precisely.
  •  The greatest collection of China studies/Sinology based on Taiwanese viewpoint.
  • Simple, clear interface of English simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese version.