【Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Xubian】


 (Continuation of Taiwan Literature Series)

  Elected as the Golden Tripod Award—Excellent Database in 2007

(bestowed by Government Information Office)

Sole copies, rare books, manuscripts, 204 kinds, 20 millions characters Chorography, folkways, literature, official archives, civil commotions, wars, Japanese pirates, 228 Incident, face-off between Zheng and Manchu.


“Taiwan Wen Xian Cong Kan” (台灣文獻叢刊) edited by Taiwan Bank is always regarded as the most important classics on Taiwan studies. But dozens of years have passed since its publication during 1958-1972, and many new historical data have been discovered continually during this period, there is no new representative collection to cover and agglomerate all the new data. Accordingly, UDP compiled “Taiwan Wen Xian Cong Kan Continuation” database. All the books, archives and literatures gathered in the “Continuation” were published by 1956. Half of which are rare books, the only copies extant, manuscripts and handwritings coming from various universities of China. The other half of data came from several “heavyweight” research institutions and publishers in Taiwan. Digitized and digitizing data in other publication plans were excluded in the “Continuation”. Those books of the same title/content in “Taiwan Wen Xian Cong Kan” are also not included in the “Continuation” except the new versions are indeed different from the old ones. Database “Continuation of Taiwan literature Series” is full-text and full-image, plus, textual criticism, original sources and authors’ introductions are attached to every title. It contains 204 books, 20 million characters, and covers chorography, geographic accounts, folkways, poems, literature, political archives, official documents, civil commotions, war records, coast defenses, Japanese pirates’ actions, 228 Incident, face-off between Zheng, Cheng-Gong and Manchu court, and historical data of Nan-Ming Dynasty.


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